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Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Does Michael Vick deserve this chance?

I’m a firm believer that most people deserve a second chance in life. It’s easy to derail off of the tracks and to make a mess of your life, but should society forgive everything? When it comes to issues such as rape, murder or extreme bodily harm, I say these violators do NOT deserve another chance. Michael Vick systematically trained and brutalized these dogs into fighting and killing each other. It’s disgusting and it’s not like he learned the errors of his ways and voluntarily stopped his participation,Vick only stopped because he was caught. Sure, he did his time and he paid he “debt to society,” but where I draw the line is how fans are openly embracing this moron. Besides being a career failure who’s prone to injuries and playoff game losses, he is older now and incapable of winning any big game. But it doesn’t stop the knuckleheads from wearing his jerseys and supporting him. He is not worthy of support and any organization that was willing to hire him had no respect for their fan base. The Eagles ownership clearly showed that when they signed him.

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