As crazy as it seems to me at times, it’s been nearly six years since I’ve written anything online. Besides a Facebook and Pinterest accounts, I swore off all computers and the internet.

I still have frequent nightmares regarding past trauma, but I was quick to end all friendships and relationships. I found great peace in near complete isolation. A lot of time spent with only myself and pets gave me the opportunity for honest introspection. My entire life was a wild rollercoaster ride filled with both incredible and absolutely horrible moments. And sadly, I was solely responsible for most bad things that occurred to me over the years. It’s easy to blame everyone else, but when you are the common denominator, eventually you have to come to terms with the truth.

I have met some incredible people in my life and have visited more countries than I ever expected to see in my lifetime. I don’t imagine many from my past would think about me, but if my actions or words ever caused you pain and you are reading this, I am sincerely sorry. Somewhere along the line, I became so blinded by what I thought life was supposed to be that I lost focus on just living in the present. I have many, many regrets, but prefer to focus only on the best of times. And there are definitely many amazing memories with very special people.

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