I’m not too proudOf the things that I’ve doneAnd you…

I’m not too proud
Of the things that I’ve done
And you can’t be too proud
Of yourself what you want
Is the best of both worlds
Well I’ve only got one
And like it or not
It’s the same one you’ve got

All of the cards
Have been dealt
So you might as well look
It won’t change how you play
Cause you play by the Book
In your grey little head
With your black and white dice
And your figures that line up so nice

Well I’m not one of them anymore
I’m not one of them anymore

I could write you a letter
Send you a note
I could try to be better
Try to be all you hoped
But I’m finally unfettered
So I think you should know
That I’m never coming back to you

You’ve seen me and deemed me dishonorable
Yeah well I’m not a geisha
And you’re no medieval patriarch
This isn’t Noah’s Ark
And I’m tempted to thank you
While I walk the plank
You should know

That I’m not one of yours anymore
I’m not one of yours anymore

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