Misfits or Unfits?

I just listened to the “Misfits” album that Jerry released back in 2011. If it wasn’t using the name Misfits, it would probably be an okay album. But when you had Danzig and Michale Graves as singers, Jerry’s voice is just too flat and regular to produce anything even close. I grew up listening to the original Misfits, I still remember ordering the Bullet 7 inch from a mail order company in California. Me and my friends were obsessed with B flick horror films and the Misfits were a perfect soundtrack to our lives. I was really hesitant to listen to the Misfits when they reformed with Michale Graves as the singer, but those 2 albums were glued into my cd players for ages when they were released. The Danzig Misfits and Graves Misfits were pretty radically different, but both were great in their own ways. Some of the older fans never gave the Grave’s Misfits a chance, but as a vocalist, Graves is far superior. I just view them as different bands, both with different and great qualities. But the last time I went to see the “Misfits,” Jerry was singing. It was so horrible, I left early. And since then, I’ve waited patiently for Jerry to realize that making money (he will make a fortune no matter what) isn’t enough, he needs to reconcile with Graves and Doyle and to put on shows and record cds that people actually will kill for. Luckily, Michale Graves has put together one of the best bands I have ever heard. So if he can catch some breaks and get around the political blacklists, perhaps he is better off away from Jerry anyway.

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