Aries- Being closed in, lacking freedom, being taken advantage of. 

Taurus- Chaos, lack of security, betrayal, change.

Gemini- Boredom, the same old same old, the inability to communicate.

Cancer- Losing security, not being able to trust people, losing their home.

Leo- Being overlooked, ignored, betrayed. Being like everyone else.

Virgo- Clutter and anxiety, cyclic thinking, feeling like a mess.

Libra- Loneliness. Making important decisions. missing someone.

Scorpio- Betrayal, entirely trusting, seeing wrong intentions in loved ones.

Sagittarius- Extreme formalities, ignorance, lack of freedom.

Capricorn- Failing, public humiliation, their passions not being taken seriously.

Aquarius- Blending in. Entering emotional realms. subjective matters.

Pisces- Harsh realities. Meaningless existence. Nihilism. 

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